2014 Little Guy Silver Shadow – Details


This is the rear of the interior with a clothing cabinet on top. I have the mirror that fits in the hole. I have no need to look at myself and was intending to make a new door to cover that spot. Actually, I was thinking of replacing the door/drawer fronts with natural cherry frame and maple inserts.

The two holes in the bulkhead are where the 110V and 12V outlets were. As we almost always camped where there was no electricity, I was thinking of mounting USB charging ports there. The memory foam mattress is on top of the original mattresses.

(You can view the photos larger by clicking on them.)

This is the front headboard with more clothing storage. On the top of the headboard we used some wicker baskets for organizing things. The wire you see is from one of the two 5 port high-output USB chargers. I never got around to deciding if I wanted them mounted flat on the floor of the headboard or up on the wall.

You can also see the light pucks I put over our heads as the one main light was a little harsh and at the wrong angle for reading.

This is what the headboard looks like with the mattress topper removed and the original mattresses still in place.

This is what the mattress board looks like with the mattresses removed.

Here you can see where I relocated the electrical power unit.


This is the right side underneath the galley. You can see the remnant of when the water jug broke and the base was wet for a couple of days. It is bone dry now and has no musty smell at all (and I am hyper sensitive to mold/mildew smells.) That black strip is a dusty and dry.  Nothing growing.

I took shots from inside the bedroom underneath the storage deck to see if there was any water that leaked through the bulkhead. These two pictures are the opposite side of the bulkhead from the above picture.  You can see that it as dry as a bone.  This is on the right (passenger) side.

These are the same shots on the left side.

This is the other side of the galley.


I checked the gray dust on the floor and trim on the left (red arrows).  It is just dust and not any mold or mildew.  The mark shown by the green arrow is just something sticky that spilled.

I didn’t have time to unscrew the tray holding the water drawer to photo the part it covers.  I believe it is just as clean as the part under the electrical converter.

This show the back corners of the galley.


Here are shots of the basement underneath the bed.  This is the left side.

This is the right side.